Welcome to Sabah

A land abounding with wonders, just waiting to be discovered.

Sabah – An Intimate Guide

Shaped endearingly like a mythical creature’s head on the island of Borneo, Sabah is home to some of the most spectacular natural marvels to be found in this part of the world. Nature enthusiasts and adventure-seekers from across the globe come here to bask in sun-soaked pristine coasts, explore undersea creatures of world-renowned scuba diving sites, scale to the top of Borneo’s highest peak, and venture deep into tropical rainforests brimming with rich biodiversity of plant and animal life, from the rafflesia to orangutans and pygmy elephants. Be it mountain and river or land and sea adventures, Sabah has them all.

Land Below the Wind

Poetically called the “Land Below the Wind” due to its location just south of the typhoon-prone region around the Philippines, Sabah is comfortably warm and humid all year round. The wet season traditionally falls during November to March, while the rest of the year is marked by sunny skies with the occasional shower.

Cultural diversity

As a former British colony, English is widely spoken in Sabah, making it extremely traveller friendly. You’d also find that people here are incredibly warm and accommodating. Culturally diverse, Sabahans are a delightful mix of more than 30 indigenous tribes – namely, Kadazandusuns, Rungus, Muruts and Bajaus – as well as of Malay, Chinese and Indian origins. Come expecting a laid-back way of life and easy-going vibe, and we reckon you’d soon fall under Sabah’s charms.

As a premier eco-tourism destination, Sabah has plenty to offer, and we’re glad you’re embarking on this trip with us. Whichever tours you chose, be it Nature and Wildlife, Adventure, or History and Culture, we’re sure you will have an amazing time. We wish you clear skies and pleasant journeys ahead as you explore and discover this beautiful land we call home. Here’s to bringing back a treasure trove of warm memories to last a lifetime.

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